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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Just A Word From You

Martha was praying like the way she always did.
In the early hours of the day.
It was the same prayer she was praying day after day
'Just a word', she said
'Just a word from you Lord is all I want to begin my new year with.
Just a word from you, the dead arose,
The sick were healed,
The storms were calmed.
Just a word from you is all I want.
A word from the Pharaoh bought Joseph out of prison
Just that word changed his situation.
From a prisoner to the Prime Minister of the greatest of all nations.
Just a word made all the dreams you had placed in his heart come to pass
Just a word Lord just a word
Can cause tears to stop
Can cause pain to end.
Just a word Lord just a word is all we need
To give us the strength to go on'.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Daddy it's me Emily

It was her turn, the nurses informed her 
To see her critically ill dad.
"Daddy it’s me, Emily,” 
She kept repeating to him over and over again. 
His loud breathing was the only answer she got, as she tried her best to revive him.
The nurse tried to comfort her as she gently walked her out of the room. 
“Don’t be depressed child, you are not alone, and we are all your family”.
 “I am not, she replied. I just wish he meets his saviour before he too is taken away from me”.
“Let’s keep praying dear that’s the only thing we can do.” nurse said gently squeezing her by the hand.
Emily nodded went into the chapel closed the door and prayed.
“Dear lord give me just one more day to hold him,
Just one more time to say I love him,
Give me the assurance I pray that it’s into your hands he is coming. 
This I pray in your holy name Amen.”
When she went to visit him next morning
She was surprised to see him awake, on seeing her he smiled weakly.
“I had a beautiful dream of heaven, I cannot wait to get there. " He said in a voice barely audible.
She hugged him tightly ”Thank you for being such an awesome dad,
I am going to miss you, Daddy”! She buried her head into his hands and cried.
Later that night she was informed he had died peacefully in his sleep.
She did not know whether to laugh or cry
Looking up heaven ward she whispered "Daddy it’s me Emily...thank you for answering me!!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

So I will cherish you

Diana’s much awaited departure was no where what she thought it would be.
The officials who were entrusted to take her on her  journey had arrived a day earlier.
They whisked her away into a carriage before she could protest right in the dead of the night
“I need to bid farewell to the people I love, please give me a day,” she cried.
Her pleading fell on deaf ears as they sped along the highway.
In sheer helplessness she bowed her head and said.
“Lord, please allow me to bid farewell to at least one person before I leave this town tonight, “She prayed
As they were passing the Kornhauser home she saw the light of Julian’s room still on.
“Please stop, please, let me see him before I leave”, she begged
Hearing a carriage stop by at his house,
Julian rushed towards the window and came down quickly to greet them.
She ran towards him tears streaming down her face and explained the situation she was in
“Give me a minute,” he rushed back in and came back with a small box which he thrust into her hands.
“Cherish this”; he said looking intently into her dark blue eyes.
“God willing we will meet again”. He said hugging her tightly.
She reluctantly followed him back into the carriage.
She gripped his hand tightly silently begging him not to let go.
‘You are still young you need to fulfill your god given destiny and so have I,
Let’s keep praying and trusting god to bring us back together again. “ He said, gently withdrawing his hand,
“Thank you father for answering my prayer, “she whispered, into the night sky, as she kept waving till she could see him no longer.
You know my heart’s desires much more than I do, and I believe you will grant them to me in sometime,
I am at peace now, ready to go where you want me to go and do what you want me to do.”
Having said this, she opened his gift; it was a chain with a pendant which read “so I will cherish you”!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Old Tentmaker

Old Benjamin looked wistfully down at his hands
It was the festival season all were busy making tents.
He had lost the use of one of his hands so he could no longer join them.
"Its ages since I earned, it feels so terrible
I sure wish Adonai would have mercy on me.
It feels awful to be considered so useless." 
These were his thoughts day after day.
ond day In middle of the night, 
He was woken up by a strange light,
an angel of god stood before him.
Holding out a shofar in his hand.
"This is your new role, to be the watchman on the wall," 
“Warning the people of the signs and seasons in the times to come”. he said
The angel left suddenly just the way he came.
Early morning old Benjamin was sure it was all a dream,
But he was surprised to see the shofar lying beside him in bed.
Not sure what his new role is going to be 
He started searching the Torah
He came to 
Isaiah 62:6Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)
I have posted watchmen
on your walls, Yerushalayim; 
they will never fall silent, 
neither by day nor by night.
You, who call on Adonai, 
give yourselves no rest;
"I have been given a divine appointment", Benjamin said to himself excitedly,
Raising the shofar he blew it so loud the entire neighborhood shook for miles on end.
people rushed out to the streets startled,wondering what was happening,
"Today is the feast of tabernacles...god himself is proclaiming it," a voice cried out  in the crowd,
 "yes ,that's what the watchman on the wall is telling us ,Lets us all go forth to the temple to worship as it is also the Day of Atonement", Rabbi called out, leading the way.
The people followed behind him like sheep after their shepherd.
Old Benjamin stood where he was and smiled.
"I have never felt this good for a long time...
adonai has entrusted me to watch out for his people, what a noble task!


Monday, August 31, 2015

The Dawn

It was a dark rainy day,
Donna stood staring at the windowA foreboding thought filling up her mind, 
She felt anxiety rushed into her heart growing more intense by the minute.
Tears started falling down her cheeks just like the pouring rain
"The goods can’t take this long to reach me; I think I have been robbed!” she exclaimed.
“Surely there a devil lurking around me turning my blessings into reasons for my mourning, she wailed.
"Why does this keep happening to me all the time, Shattered," she cried to God for an answer.
The Rabbi spoke to her the next day from the word about the man travelling to Jericho
Where he was robbed and looted and left to die lifeless on the road Luke 10:30
“The way to the Promised Land is strewn with thieves, “he continued “who know you carry a blessing so they are out to steal.”
"Fall on your knees and pray before your god 
 get into the fight with thw sword which is th word of god,
To claim your victory and claim your prize."
Donna nodded, understanding all,
And prayed all day and all night long.
She received a word that a traveler she knew had found her goods
And was returning it to her in a day or two.
"Rabbi!” she exclaimed so joyfully,
Thank you for telling me what to do".
He put his hand out and blessed her
"The dawn of your miracle is here," Donna
Embrace it, for it is yours from today," he replied

Friday, July 31, 2015

On the Brink of a Miracle

IT was time for Timothy’s miracle,
Excited and exuberant he felt he was floating in the air.
Through the pitfalls and valleys of disappointments
He was finally getting his breakthrough, oh was he joyful.
But just on the brink of his miracle the devil arrived on the scene as usual with his devious plan,
To confound and confuse him and of course to deceive him so that he will never believe again.
Tormented, Timothy lay bruised and so very broken.  
“This can’t go on any more, I am so giving it all up,” he said
Just then he heard a song from the house next door
 “Don’t give up on the brink of miracle; don’t give in god is still on his throne
Heaven and earth will pass away but my words wont,” it played.
“It is me you have to believe not what the enemy says so don’t give up your miracle is here”
Timothy got up strength renewed and apologized to god for his doubt and fear.
He then looked at the devil in the eye and said
“Nothing you do can make me give up… I know I am on the brink of my miracle and it is near”!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Crossing Jordan

The boy looked up at his mother
“Now what, there is a huge river ahead"
“I know son, let’s pray.” she said
“It’s obvious isn't it, we can’t cross. 
So now give up once and for all and and let’s turn back.” He said
“Let not barriers stand in our way son,
We need to stand up in faith.” His mother replied.
"The scriptures say we need to move forward son not backwards. If it’s his will he will provide the way” the mother said in a quite a matter of fact way.
“Mum you and your scriptures! It’s not a map for heaven sakes it’s just some ancient stuff,”! Exasperated he cried.
Not losing her cool, she replied.|"Let’s wait till dusk and then we will pray after that I will do as you say. 
She quoted CJB Isaiah 55:8
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not my ways,” says Adonai.
As she bent her head her eyes caught something white shining in the water 
“Look son there are white stones under the water big enough for us to walk across over,” she exclaimed
“It too dangerous mum who knows what lies ahead as we get deeper,” he cried
“Let’s try again in the morning for now we need to find a place to rest”. She said.
Next day as they were reaching the river 
They found elephants bathing in the river
"It’s not deep after all.” The boy shouted excitedly
Let’s follow the stones mum we will reach the other side, he said beaming with happiness.
Holding hands and gently placing their feet on each slippery stone they made it to the other side.
“Mum look there up in the mountains, it’s the old monk’s school we were looking for
I can’t believe we made it, it was   right here across the Jordan!”
Thank you mum for  your faith, I will never doubt the scriptures again.
Yes son, all you need to do is trust Adonai, the scripture says Jeremiah 29:11-12 (CJB)
For I know what plans I have in mind for you,’ says ADONAI,‘plans for well-being, not for bad things; so that you can have hope and a future. When you call to me and pray to me, I will listen to you.
The scriptures are not some ancient stuff; it’s a guide for your life
Now repent and pray and get ready to receive, Adonai is going to give you the longings of your heart!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

I Dare to Believe!

I dare to believe
What is promised will happen.
I don’t see it, 
I can't feel it, it still seems miles away.
The forecast is declared, the announcement made,
You don’t stand a chance, you better give up they all say.
But I dare to believe that miracles happen
Mark 13:31CJB Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will certainly not pass away.
It doesn’t matter how dark the night sky is 
Or how small my faith is, 
There is no doubt what the naysayers says is true.
It’s impossible, they say, it’s only a miracle that will see you through.
And then, that’s when I tell them
That I dare to believe,
What is said is done...
All I have to do is simply believe that miracles happen!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

No matter what He won't let go!

There was commotion and panic everywhere
People were running about in despair.
Gathering their little ones and precious things,
The exodus had to happen and it was today.
An old lady sick to the bone sat alone in her house
Prayed to her God with her face to the ground.
“Adonai Elohim not even for a day you have taken your hand away from mine,
Not even for a day have you abandoned me.
Not even for a day have you forgotten me.
Throughout my days you have always been there for me, help me out now, please", she cried.
At the city gate the captain of the king’s army shouted out sharply.
“At dusk sharp today we are leaving,
In silence we need to move, as our attackers are fast approaching.|
We have just 12 hours to get away before the enemy plunders our territory.”
In order they stood all the families in a line,
When suddenly a woman shouted out
“Oh what about Old Agnes, she is still in her house “. “It is too late, the captain replied, nothing can be done now
"Only her god can save her, as for the rest of us we have no choice but to move on."
Suddenly in the shadows a man arrived carrying an old lady in his arms.
"It‘s Agnes," the woman exclaimed!
Agnes smiled joyfully, clutching her son’s shoulder tightly.
Looking up, she said “He will fill your mouth with laughter
And your lips with shouts of joy. Job 8:21 CJB….with eyes shining in the dark…she went on…No matter what He won’t let go!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I Know

I know O God  you are for me.
I know you deeply love me.
I know you direct my steps each day.
I know even though I can’t comprehend most of your ways
I know you are  constantly working out your great plans to keep your promises to me.
I know to rest in you is to just believe,
To just believe is to simply trust,
To trust is to be sure,
To be sure is to let go my will into your hands.
I know to be still is the most hardest thing to do
I know  to trust you blindly in trying situations is the safest thing to do
I know  when you’re helpless and hopeless the only way forward is to pray
I know now not to flinch when insults and condemnation rain on me like tornados.
I know  that if someone really liked you they will always find a way to stay in your life.
I know now as long as I spend quality time with you
Each day will be a surprise to look forward to…

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Lost Fragrance

Shirley happened to see her close friend she had not seen in years.
Who stared right through her when she saw her too,
Stunned, Shirley went over to greet her.
She was met with a cold smile which pierced Shirely's heart through and through,
“How could she treat me like a stranger when we were so inseparable in school,a twenty five year old frienship just discarded like tissue?," Shirely was telling her
Mother sounding very agitated and deeply hurt that day.
“Yes dear, we know, how close you two were.
In fact we all  noticed how she was the happiest person at your wedding
Smiling from ear to ear.”
“I have tried so hard to reach her, over the years again and again,” Shirley continued to say
“She told me once, when I forced her, that her world had changed and she was no longer the same.
“Perfume and incense make the heart glad, [also] friendship sweet with advice from the heart. Proverbs 27:9 CJB” mother quoted the scriptures to Shirley that day,
"If the friendship has lost its fragrance, let it go dear"
Mother told her gently.
“I did”, Shirley explained, “But when I read the old letters and see the gifts we exchanged as teenagers  it seems so meaningless yet it tears my heart to throw it all away”
“People change dear, but memories don’t 
Hold on to it, but let the fragments go.
It takes one person to forgive and two to get reunited,
If she does not want you in her life again
Let it be, dear.
There are others who cannot live without you.
Be thankful for the ones who are there with you and let the fragrance of their love fill your heart always”. Mother advised her that day.
“Yes, Shirley nodded, lost fragrances, she said to herself
“I will never cry over you again”.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

God will remember You

With a death sentence on his head
He made his way to an unknown land.
The God of his father’s promised to be with him and to bring him back to his father's land.
He worked hard for his master in total sincerity,
Who cheated and tricked  him from the start in every way possible.
But God was with him and blessed everything he did.
In spite of being deceived for twenty odd years. 
He became the envy of everyone in his master's home.
What with a a huge family and animals in plenty,
He had become very, very wealthy.
The God of his father’s spoke to him again and made him remember his promise to him. 
With no further delay the family packed up and left before their master could find out that, he, with his belongings had fled.
God made his master when he caught up with him
To bless him and his family and depart in peace from him. 
When his brother came to meet him with 400 men
He trembled for his life
But he too departed as a friend.
God renamed him Israel brought him to dwell in the Promised Land
And there he stayed for many a year and only left from there to a foreign land when he was summoned by his son.
The promise that God would them back again to the Promised Land was passed on among his sons
Genesis 50:24Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)
24 Yosef said to his brothers, “I am dying. But God will surely remember you and bring you up out of this land to the land which he swore to Avraham, Yitz’chak and Ya‘akov.”
No matter what happens in your life, God will surely remember his promises he made to you and bring them about.