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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Glory and Beauty

When God set Job free from his Sickness and Afflictions
From his Bondages and Despair
He asked Him to Stand Up like a Man
And Deck Himself with Majesty and Excellency
And Array Himself with Glory and Beauty {Job 39:9-10}
With His Sores still Sore and with Trembling Hands
He Bid to Follow the Lords Commands
And lo Behold His Woes Were Gone
His friends Who Taunted Him Now came to Toe the Line
Glory and Majesty and Riches Had He
Beauty and Daughters and Lands A Plenty
For the Lord had Blessed Him Double for All His Trouble
I pray my Brother/ Sister will he not do the same for Thee!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Lord’s Hand

I first got acquainted with the Lord’s hand when I was 18,
Had just accepted the Lord,immediately after,lost my dad,
Bad grades in college and a messed up family,
I just wanted to die.
Just when I was contemplating the great act of suicide,
I felt a hand on my head and I knew instantly it was the Lord's
And my life has never been the same again.
Everyone in the family was deciding my life,
Marriage /career I seemed to have no choice
I just had to go in with the pool of voices
But he Lord’s hand provided me the best in both cases
Nothing came to me too easy, for every blessing there was a fight
The battles increased with the years
And I spent many a day in tears
But I always knew the Lord will give me the victory.
I realized over the years just like grandfather did at the age of 94
‘Nee matharam madhee… (In Malayalam an Indian language)
Lord it’s only you I need.