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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Old Tentmaker

Old Benjamin looked wistfully down at his hands
It was the festival season all were busy making tents.
He had lost the use of one of his hands so he could no longer join them.
"Its ages since I earned, it feels so terrible
I sure wish Adonai would have mercy on me.
It feels awful to be considered so useless." 
These were his thoughts day after day.
ond day In middle of the night, 
He was woken up by a strange light,
an angel of god stood before him.
Holding out a shofar in his hand.
"This is your new role, to be the watchman on the wall," 
“Warning the people of the signs and seasons in the times to come”. he said
The angel left suddenly just the way he came.
Early morning old Benjamin was sure it was all a dream,
But he was surprised to see the shofar lying beside him in bed.
Not sure what his new role is going to be 
He started searching the Torah
He came to 
Isaiah 62:6Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)
I have posted watchmen
on your walls, Yerushalayim; 
they will never fall silent, 
neither by day nor by night.
You, who call on Adonai, 
give yourselves no rest;
"I have been given a divine appointment", Benjamin said to himself excitedly,
Raising the shofar he blew it so loud the entire neighborhood shook for miles on end.
people rushed out to the streets startled,wondering what was happening,
"Today is the feast of tabernacles...god himself is proclaiming it," a voice cried out  in the crowd,
 "yes ,that's what the watchman on the wall is telling us ,Lets us all go forth to the temple to worship as it is also the Day of Atonement", Rabbi called out, leading the way.
The people followed behind him like sheep after their shepherd.
Old Benjamin stood where he was and smiled.
"I have never felt this good for a long time...
adonai has entrusted me to watch out for his people, what a noble task!


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