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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Road Ahead

Contemplating on the road ahead,
The young boy, broke out in cold sweat.
"It’s too difficult, he yelled!"
"What if I can’t make it?"
"I may even die from exhaustion or get mugged by a thief or get killed by an animal,"
 “Grandfather! ,he shouted, you just don't care do you?”
His wise grandfather looked at him squarely in the eye,
He put a large book in his hands with his eyes twinkling,
And with a little laugh said,” Son, sometimes you have to fight to be a man!!”
“Promise me son, as your journey in life has just began,
“You will confront every situation which bothers you, 
Not with your fist, but by the word of God."
"This is a book of life. No journey of any mortal is complete without it." 
“Study it!” he said, emphatically,” as you go along the way," 
"And the watch the beauty of your dreams unfold,"
 "Feel the sweat of victory, fall down your cheeks, from great battles you will fight,"
"Sense pride pounding on your chest at every nook and corner for achievements you will win."
"And finally, remember, the tears, the pain and hurts which will mar you on your journey, you will not remember, when the day, He (the Master) finally whispers into your ears," 
“Well done, good and faithful servant, you can now wear the victor’s crown!”


Shola Jacob said...

Dear sis,
What a beautiful tail of life.The is truth is rock solid and cannot be alternated Jesus is Lord. Our lives can only be complete when we have His Spirit within us. Have a Spirit-Filled Month.
God bless you and be strong.

Shola Jacob

Priya Antony said...

Thanks ,Jacob...most of the time in life we contemplate what may happen to us along the journey we called are to go and we quake at the thought of all the dangers which may befall us without realising that "He" who has called us on this journey is there with us all along..but we can only encounter His presence in our lives through HIS word ...which will give us all the strength we need to keep matching on!

Loweh Huratius said...

The strength we have everyday is from HIM and only HIM can provide us with such power of life to move on.Follow the advice of the grandfather on the Road ahead and you will pass through life not life passing through you.HE is always there with us.Just believe in HIM through his words.
Thanks Priya.
God be with you.

Priya Antony said...

God bless you too,Loweh!