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Friday, July 31, 2015

On the Brink of a Miracle

IT was time for Timothy’s miracle,
Excited and exuberant he felt he was floating in the air.
Through the pitfalls and valleys of disappointments
He was finally getting his breakthrough, oh was he joyful.
But just on the brink of his miracle the devil arrived on the scene as usual with his devious plan,
To confound and confuse him and of course to deceive him so that he will never believe again.
Tormented, Timothy lay bruised and so very broken.  
“This can’t go on any more, I am so giving it all up,” he said
Just then he heard a song from the house next door
 “Don’t give up on the brink of miracle; don’t give in god is still on his throne
Heaven and earth will pass away but my words wont,” it played.
“It is me you have to believe not what the enemy says so don’t give up your miracle is here”
Timothy got up strength renewed and apologized to god for his doubt and fear.
He then looked at the devil in the eye and said
“Nothing you do can make me give up… I know I am on the brink of my miracle and it is near”!

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