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Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Lost Fragrance

Shirley happened to see her close friend she had not seen in years.
Who stared right through her when she saw her too,
Stunned, Shirley went over to greet her.
She was met with a cold smile which pierced Shirely's heart through and through,
“How could she treat me like a stranger when we were so inseparable in school,a twenty five year old frienship just discarded like tissue?," Shirely was telling her
Mother sounding very agitated and deeply hurt that day.
“Yes dear, we know, how close you two were.
In fact we all  noticed how she was the happiest person at your wedding
Smiling from ear to ear.”
“I have tried so hard to reach her, over the years again and again,” Shirley continued to say
“She told me once, when I forced her, that her world had changed and she was no longer the same.
“Perfume and incense make the heart glad, [also] friendship sweet with advice from the heart. Proverbs 27:9 CJB” mother quoted the scriptures to Shirley that day,
"If the friendship has lost its fragrance, let it go dear"
Mother told her gently.
“I did”, Shirley explained, “But when I read the old letters and see the gifts we exchanged as teenagers  it seems so meaningless yet it tears my heart to throw it all away”
“People change dear, but memories don’t 
Hold on to it, but let the fragments go.
It takes one person to forgive and two to get reunited,
If she does not want you in her life again
Let it be, dear.
There are others who cannot live without you.
Be thankful for the ones who are there with you and let the fragrance of their love fill your heart always”. Mother advised her that day.
“Yes, Shirley nodded, lost fragrances, she said to herself
“I will never cry over you again”.

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