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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Dawn

It was a dark rainy day,
Donna stood staring at the windowA foreboding thought filling up her mind, 
She felt anxiety rushed into her heart growing more intense by the minute.
Tears started falling down her cheeks just like the pouring rain
"The goods can’t take this long to reach me; I think I have been robbed!” she exclaimed.
“Surely there a devil lurking around me turning my blessings into reasons for my mourning, she wailed.
"Why does this keep happening to me all the time, Shattered," she cried to God for an answer.
The Rabbi spoke to her the next day from the word about the man travelling to Jericho
Where he was robbed and looted and left to die lifeless on the road Luke 10:30
“The way to the Promised Land is strewn with thieves, “he continued “who know you carry a blessing so they are out to steal.”
"Fall on your knees and pray before your god 
 get into the fight with thw sword which is th word of god,
To claim your victory and claim your prize."
Donna nodded, understanding all,
And prayed all day and all night long.
She received a word that a traveler she knew had found her goods
And was returning it to her in a day or two.
"Rabbi!” she exclaimed so joyfully,
Thank you for telling me what to do".
He put his hand out and blessed her
"The dawn of your miracle is here," Donna
Embrace it, for it is yours from today," he replied

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Kanthesha Murthy said...

Dear Priya
Keep fonts consistent to all the post to read them easily.
really you are posting very nice things on the earth.