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Thursday, April 30, 2015

No matter what He won't let go!

There was commotion and panic everywhere
People were running about in despair.
Gathering their little ones and precious things,
The exodus had to happen and it was today.
An old lady sick to the bone sat alone in her house
Prayed to her God with her face to the ground.
“Adonai Elohim not even for a day you have taken your hand away from mine,
Not even for a day have you abandoned me.
Not even for a day have you forgotten me.
Throughout my days you have always been there for me, help me out now, please", she cried.
At the city gate the captain of the king’s army shouted out sharply.
“At dusk sharp today we are leaving,
In silence we need to move, as our attackers are fast approaching.|
We have just 12 hours to get away before the enemy plunders our territory.”
In order they stood all the families in a line,
When suddenly a woman shouted out
“Oh what about Old Agnes, she is still in her house “. “It is too late, the captain replied, nothing can be done now
"Only her god can save her, as for the rest of us we have no choice but to move on."
Suddenly in the shadows a man arrived carrying an old lady in his arms.
"It‘s Agnes," the woman exclaimed!
Agnes smiled joyfully, clutching her son’s shoulder tightly.
Looking up, she said “He will fill your mouth with laughter
And your lips with shouts of joy. Job 8:21 CJB….with eyes shining in the dark…she went on…No matter what He won’t let go!!!

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