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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hold On

Hold On when your troubled,
Hold On when your in despair,
Hold On when your heart is aching,
Hold On when your battle never seems to end.
Hold On when your patience is falling,
Hold On when your breakthrough is not coming.
It’s so easy to give up and let go,
It’s so easy to say its finished.
It’s so easy to say “this is it’!
It’s so easy to say I’m not in this game anymore.
C’mon don’t you know ,
The battlefield is not for cowards.
Even if its with his  last breath the winner keeps “HOLDING ON’
To his dreams and his aspirations.
Even if its with the last thread of his strength
He just keeps “HOLDING ON’!
Even if he is battered and he is bruised,
Even if his spirits are crushed
And his vision blurred
He will not let GO
BECAUSE he knows what it takes

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lazarus Come forth!!

There are times in your life
When you find yourself so bound to your situation
Bound to your past
Bound to your memories
Bound to your hurts
All is lost all is over you claim
You have lost your hope lost your dreams
Just then you hear a voice just like a man did 2000 years ago
"Lazarus come forth"
Just as you are, with all the strings ,with all the mess
I have bought a new world to your door
I want you to be ready to live again
I want you to be (quoting Mark Harris song)
Ready to live
Ready to breathe
Ready to take in everything
Ready to love
Ready to shine
Ready to live this life of yours
Ready to jump , ready to fly
For the second time