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Friday, November 25, 2011

Tears of the Soul

When your heart is broken and the tears never cease to fall,
When the loss is so huge that it tears you apart,
When your trust is betrayed and hope vanished for good,
You will look at your redeemer and say why or why
Couldn’t you have shielded me from all this pain?

You have asked me to forget what lies behind and focus on what lies ahead,
Yet when I close my eyes I see the live pictures of those that I dread,
Just a slightest recalling of the past brings so much of pain
I ask you O God once again were all my experiences with these people where in vain?

Soul of my soul I forgot once again
That friendship or relationship is not what it used to be.
There is only a bargain in the end of what is there for me

The ones you believed in let you down so badly,
It’s not about you, its all about them..
You were just an instrument to get what they wanted,
Now that they are done they don't need you.
Move on with your life and be happy too
Are the meaningless words they say to you...

Tears of my soul where are you
You need to understand it’s very difficult to find someone who is true.
So cling to the Savior He is all you need,
Ask Him to hold you till you heal.
And lead you to people who will like you for being you.


Aju said...

Good one
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Maria said...

Hi Priya,
Nice one!!! so apt

Pratheesh said...

Meaningful one.....

Vishal soni said...