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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Keep the Faith

When you loose sight of your dream,
There is only one thing to to keep the faith

When your mind is full of doubt...
And your hopes are almost lost ....keep the faith

When there is confusion around you and
You are not sure what to do ...just keep the faith

When you view your tomorrows, in the light of yesterday,
You don’t believe anything would be different or better in any way....keep the faith

When your mind tells you, that you are a loser,
And your body has lost all inertia.....keep the faith

When the doors of opportunities, refuse to open,
Don’t give up, just keep on knocking.....because you have the faith

What is faith?
Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.K.J.V Bible << Hebrews 11:1 >>


G-yan said...

I like that mam & you too keep the faith ...

melson said...

Priya where do you get all this wonderful thoughts...first
second Faith opens door for Heavens to work for... fear also opens door but not for good but for worst ....... FAITH WORKS .... FEAR WORKS ......GREAT WORDS GREAT FACTS .. KEEP THE FAITH GREATER THEN FACTS OR FIGURES... It looks like you are writing a very personal letter to me without mentioning my name.. Superb... writing

Johns said...

Nice one priya.