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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Just A Word From You

Martha was praying like the way she always did.
In the early hours of the day.
It was the same prayer she was praying day after day
'Just a word', she said
'Just a word from you Lord is all I want to begin my new year with.
Just a word from you, the dead arose,
The sick were healed,
The storms were calmed.
Just a word from you is all I want.
A word from the Pharaoh bought Joseph out of prison
Just that word changed his situation.
From a prisoner to the Prime Minister of the greatest of all nations.
Just a word made all the dreams you had placed in his heart come to pass
Just a word Lord just a word
Can cause tears to stop
Can cause pain to end.
Just a word Lord just a word is all we need
To give us the strength to go on'.

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