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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I Know

I know O God  you are for me.
I know you deeply love me.
I know you direct my steps each day.
I know even though I can’t comprehend most of your ways
I know you are  constantly working out your great plans to keep your promises to me.
I know to rest in you is to just believe,
To just believe is to simply trust,
To trust is to be sure,
To be sure is to let go my will into your hands.
I know to be still is the most hardest thing to do
I know  to trust you blindly in trying situations is the safest thing to do
I know  when you’re helpless and hopeless the only way forward is to pray
I know now not to flinch when insults and condemnation rain on me like tornados.
I know  that if someone really liked you they will always find a way to stay in your life.
I know now as long as I spend quality time with you
Each day will be a surprise to look forward to…

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