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Friday, April 27, 2012

The Lost Chapter

"I have worked for so many years
I have lost my life savings what am I do", the young woman wailed,
The wise old priest watching her asked,
"Have you lost your health too”?,
"No why!” she said
"What about your family, are they still with you?"
"Yes very much” she replied
"So then you are truly wealthy ", he said,
"I am"! She asked
"Yes you are young, you are healthy and your loved ones are all with you" ,
"Really but I still don’t have a penny on me", she said
"It’s just your money that went silly child,
"Your abilities and god given talents are still with you" ,
Use your head, let creativity flood your heart,
The ability to create wealth is in you and no one can snatch that away from you”
“Really, so I am rich,”
"In a way, yes", he replied,
"You need to get busy doing your very best"
"Be cheerful ,Be happy"
"God never promised a life that is easy, "
So forget about the lost chapter in your life and
Start creating the new,
“Oh yes, I will” she said her eyes gleaming,
“It's going to take a while but I am willing,” she smiled,
So dear folks that’s the end of the story,
So forget about the lost chapter of your lives and start making the new,
With that I bid you A D I E U .