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Saturday, October 31, 2015

So I will cherish you

Diana’s much awaited departure was no where what she thought it would be.
The officials who were entrusted to take her on her  journey had arrived a day earlier.
They whisked her away into a carriage before she could protest right in the dead of the night
“I need to bid farewell to the people I love, please give me a day,” she cried.
Her pleading fell on deaf ears as they sped along the highway.
In sheer helplessness she bowed her head and said.
“Lord, please allow me to bid farewell to at least one person before I leave this town tonight, “She prayed
As they were passing the Kornhauser home she saw the light of Julian’s room still on.
“Please stop, please, let me see him before I leave”, she begged
Hearing a carriage stop by at his house,
Julian rushed towards the window and came down quickly to greet them.
She ran towards him tears streaming down her face and explained the situation she was in
“Give me a minute,” he rushed back in and came back with a small box which he thrust into her hands.
“Cherish this”; he said looking intently into her dark blue eyes.
“God willing we will meet again”. He said hugging her tightly.
She reluctantly followed him back into the carriage.
She gripped his hand tightly silently begging him not to let go.
‘You are still young you need to fulfill your god given destiny and so have I,
Let’s keep praying and trusting god to bring us back together again. “ He said, gently withdrawing his hand,
“Thank you father for answering my prayer, “she whispered, into the night sky, as she kept waving till she could see him no longer.
You know my heart’s desires much more than I do, and I believe you will grant them to me in sometime,
I am at peace now, ready to go where you want me to go and do what you want me to do.”
Having said this, she opened his gift; it was a chain with a pendant which read “so I will cherish you”!

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