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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Will Go Ahead of You

It’s begun. My journey, young Diana whispered shakily to herself.
Her fingers shook as she stared pensively into the cup of hot chocolate.
There was a strange chilliness in the morning air, the mysteries of the sea.
Lurking before her, beckoning her to come towards death trap like an evil witch.
Fear seems to envelop her. She shook herself to break its spell and said
“I am the master of this ship and I am the master of my soul,
I am going to take on this journey nothing can stop me not even the demons from hell.”
James the old porter, arrived just then holding some large journals in his hand
“The late captain, your father had asked me to give them to you when you about to take off on your own”, he said.
Anxiously she turned the yellow pages of her daddy’s journals.
"Your big day has come,"her father wrote,"there are some books you need to refer to and believe in with all your might.
The book of Adoni to hold on to with all your strength and memorize these verses in front of you as you start the jouney of life."
Isaiah 62:12 CJB
For Adonis will go ahead of you,
and the God of Israel will also be behind you.
Isaiah 42:16 the blind I will lead on a road they don’t know,
on roads they don’t know I will lead them;
I will turn darkness to light before them,
.d straighten their twisted paths.
These are things I will do without fail.
"The other books are my journals," he continued to tell.
"Follow them as a road map for your life on the high seas of life.
Never be afraid. You have a God who will go ahead of you
And your earthly fathers journals to tell you what he did do on all the issues which will confront you too."
The tears rolled from her eyes and splashed onto the books
With courage flowing in strength renewed,
She blew her captain‘s horn and shouted out to the crew on deck,
"Ahoy boys get on board!The journey has begun.