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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Raindrops of the Heart

Busy going about her work,
A few drops of rain touched her heart.
Feeling tickled and highly amused, she enjoyed the refreshment it brought,
Watching the raindrop rolling away, she felt a sudden loss.
OH No! She thought, is there no way,
To keep those tiny drops from flowing out of her heart.
Raindrops cannot stay, you silly, she told herself that day.
It's just that it makes life so beautiful that you would wish it would stay.
Returning back to her work, she forgot about the drops,
Till the sound of pitter-patter raindrops on her windowsill,
Made her recall, the raindrops in her heart,
She smiled amused so that's what it was all about,
The little raindrops of the heart!