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Monday, November 30, 2015

Daddy it's me Emily

It was her turn, the nurses informed her 
To see her critically ill dad.
"Daddy it’s me, Emily,” 
She kept repeating to him over and over again. 
His loud breathing was the only answer she got, as she tried her best to revive him.
The nurse tried to comfort her as she gently walked her out of the room. 
“Don’t be depressed child, you are not alone, and we are all your family”.
 “I am not, she replied. I just wish he meets his saviour before he too is taken away from me”.
“Let’s keep praying dear that’s the only thing we can do.” nurse said gently squeezing her by the hand.
Emily nodded went into the chapel closed the door and prayed.
“Dear lord give me just one more day to hold him,
Just one more time to say I love him,
Give me the assurance I pray that it’s into your hands he is coming. 
This I pray in your holy name Amen.”
When she went to visit him next morning
She was surprised to see him awake, on seeing her he smiled weakly.
“I had a beautiful dream of heaven, I cannot wait to get there. " He said in a voice barely audible.
She hugged him tightly ”Thank you for being such an awesome dad,
I am going to miss you, Daddy”! She buried her head into his hands and cried.
Later that night she was informed he had died peacefully in his sleep.
She did not know whether to laugh or cry
Looking up heaven ward she whispered "Daddy it’s me Emily...thank you for answering me!!

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