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Sunday, August 21, 2011

In His Time

Standing upon His Promises
Daily reciting those precious verses,
Hoping against hope that "Today" is the day of the miracle.
Then realization dawns like a large overhead,
He makes things happen in "HIS" time and not YOURS.
He checks the report for test of endurance cleared, it reads yes
Trials of patience,cleared,yes.
Withstood the battering of the crowd, yes O yes!
Never ever doubted,many times,but the report now reads ,cleared the test!
Have you told the world what I am about to do,
You do the miracle ,Lord , then I will tell!
Your faith still needs strengthening,
Maybe you require another test.
Lord I will shout from the mountain tops,
I believe, I believe , you will yell!
As the hymn goes, just believe.
In HIS time He makes all things beautiful.

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Aju said...

Nice one!