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Sunday, September 4, 2011


I stood staring vacantly into space,
Felt like Abraham when he was asked to return his son.
Dream of my dreams the vision of my yesteryear,
Was lying now as at the altar, as a dead lamb.
Breathe life unto those dreams O God!
Bring to pass those promises from Your word.
Support, my spirit with Your GREAT RIGHT HAND,
Uphold my weak frame till Your will is done...
Give me the strength and the cheerfulness
To trust You to take me to my DESTINY!
In Your mysterious and unfathomable ways,
You will lead me and teach me to obey,
To trust in You through the rugged wilderness,
And valleys of despair.
With Goliaths and Nebuchadnezzar wandering everywhere,
Yet the warrior within me says
Lead me on O Lord to the Promised Land,
Together, we will rejoice in our VICTORY!

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