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Monday, February 29, 2016

The Wait

“Twenty one year’s Dad!
You have been working on a vision which is just not going to happen
Did you get it it’s not going to happen
Stop tiring yourself out OK just let it go.”
Old Abby looked up from his work hurt in his eyes and retorted back to this son
“It’s my master who tells me what I should and not you
When it’s time for me to rest He will tell me.”
That night they heard a sound which jerked them out of their beds
“Why! looks like the entire village is making their way up into our house”
Exclaimed the son to the alerted household
Old Abby rushed to the door, a fresh vigour in his step
His eyes alive with excitement
“Move! He shouted to his family
Get them all down into the basement.”
They led the people who were climbing up the mountain into the basement
All eyes opened in amazement as the old man led them to a secret tunnel
Stacked with millions of war weapons against the wall
The tunnel led to a huge room which was equipped for war had everything possible that refugees may need.
It looked like old Abby knew a day will come when the entire village would come to him for protection
The men grabbed the weapons and went to save their land leaving the women and children huddled inside.
Old Abby’ son came to his father...”dad I m sorry .I didn't believe.”
“It’s ok son...that was the vision...When almighty God tells you or show you a vision you just do as He leads without questioning him even if it takes twenty one years! 

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