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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Life is Beautiful

Aaron had to leave for his workplace right after the wedding
Anna was soon to join him in a month by when her papers would get ready.
The moment he saw her again he was stunned ,
His warm and beautiful wife was cold like gravestone.
'I need to go back,' she blurted out, 'I cannot live with you ,
I am in love with another man and this marriage has to end '.
She turned around and went away just the way she came,
Without once turning back to see what happened to him.
With his head reeling with shock, he entered his dark house and crouched down on the floor
Days passed by, he neither eat or drank or responded to anybody.
'Even god cannot change my situation', he thought
So he considered ending the exploding pain in his heart with death.
Suddenly the room lit up with dazzling brightness.
The son of man stood before him placing his hand gently upon his head
Great peace and unspeakable love poured into his soul
His broken heart became whole once again.
In a flash it was all gone the room became dark again
Still in a daze he went to sleep and woke up feeling peaceful.
With a spring in his steps and joy in his heart
He went back to work and met his friends.
They knew instantly he was a changed man.
Looking at them he smiled and answered their unasked question
Life is beautiful with all its mess
If Jesus Christ is your best friend.

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