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Thursday, October 30, 2014

One Drop of Mercy

The old lady stood pleading before the judge
“One drop of mercy is all I ask,”she begged him with folded hands,
“Please   give me back my son."
"He has paid the price a hundred times over, for his wrong of robbing his neighbour, by being ten years in your prison now;
You cannot keep him forever “, she cried,
“He has suffered for the last ten years and so have we, his family, she sobbed brokenly.
Please I beg you show us one drop of mercy!” she continued to implore
 “The law has to take its own course, the judge retorted harshly
The price he has to pay is for life.
You never seem to understand,” he continued in a rage.
“Throw her out, the judge commanded, l never wants to see you again!” he thundered down at her
The old woman said quietly to the judge as she was led away from court
“He has already received mercy from Adonai, there is no more need for me to beg you again".
13 even though I used to be a man who blasphemed and persecuted and was arrogant! But I received mercy because I had acted in unbelief, not understanding what I was doing. 1 Timothy 1:13Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)
The enraged crowd within the court started shouting for One drop of mercy!
Soon the crowd outside everywhere started chanting One drop of mercy!
In every village and in every town One drop of mercy could be heard from all around,
The echo of their voices soon reached the king’s ears
“What is the uproar in the city, what’s going on can anyone tell me” he asked in anxiety
“An old lady’s appeal to the judge has the whole country singing,
One drop of mercy!” An officer explained ,
“She has been pleading for the release of her son for many years now, who was caught in a petty theft 10 years ago.
He has been imprisoned for life.”
“Life imprisonment for a petty theft, how can that be the case, in my country? The king interrupted and asked,
“Set him free immediately, no one can undermine my authority,
Bring the judge who sentenced him for life
From now on he can start pleading with me for the rest of his life for,
“One Drop of Mercy”.

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