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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Left Behind

Its ten days now she’s gone for good
Old Albert muttered to himself...
“No amount of crying can bring her back from the dead again.
“Oh how I wish I was not the one to be left behind”, he sighed brokenly.
  “She had me to take care of her, but this old man has nobody”.
He sobbed out aloud uncontrollably and buried his head on her pillow.
He found a book and pulled it out and found it was the book Agnes was so fond of.
He opened the page to the bookmark and read the verse that was underlined a lot.
Till your old age I will be the same — I will carry you until your hair is white. I have made you, and I will bear you; yes, I will carry and save you.
Agnes had also written shakily by its side
“Lord Please take care of my Albert after I’m gone,
Let him not have to face his old age by himself.”
He gently ran his fingers over her handwriting over and over again.
“Oh Agnes how much you cared, O god how I wish, I was not the one to be left behind," he cried.
He fell asleep on the bed ,holding the pillow in one hand and the bible in the other.
He got up the next day to loud banging’s on the door.
A young handsome man in soldier’s uniform stood knocking,
“I am your step sister's son. He spoke hurriedly, in the way of explaination,
“Mother has been trying to find you for years.
When she read about Aunt Agnes in the obituary column,
She sent word to me to bring you home.|"
“Hurry! We need to pack, I am on duty, and from now on you are going to live with our family.
The old man stood stupefied and quietly nodded a yes,
“God has been faithful to Agnes’s prayer,” he said to himself.
“I am no longer afraid; he smiled as he turned to go inside. 

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