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Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Bend on the Road

 The vision was what inspired them 
 They took up the journey to fulfill their dream.
 Twenty long years the elderly couple worked tirelessly.
 From one milestone, to the next, they kept on working .
 Till one day while on the highway
 The woman broke her hip bone,
 While lying in bed with a lifeless leg
 She looked upward and said to her God rather bitterly.
“I have been working for your kingdom
From the day I got saved,  is this your reward I get in my old age"?
That night while tossing and turning in bed,
She had a vision that she was dead.
The members of her family who were in heaven now
Welcomed her warmly and showed her around.
She breathed a sigh of relief to see her own name written in the Lambs book of life and she quickly  looked for the names of all her loved ones.
There was brightness all around and everyone seemed to be wearing a white gown,
Sounds of familiar hymns she could hear in the background.
She was taken to meet her master the Lamb of God.
She fell at his feet and He gently lifted her up,
“You are worthy so don’t condemn yourself or your Savior for what you have lost,
 You  have already been redeemed by my blood, He said.
"A season of restoration will happen soon,
All that is broken will get healed again,
It’s not the end of your journey yet you have just reached a bend,
You need to go back and tell the world
To pray in earnest as the days are close for My return." He said
She woke up with joy untold,
And thanked her God for her broken bone,
Because of which she got to see her heavenly home.

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