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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Abundantly Blessed

Standing alone at the balcony,
The old lady felt pretty bad for herself.
There was no one around to talk to.
She was sick from head to toe, and yet she had no one beside her to share her woes.
Ms Rachel, the lady next door called on her the next day
Agnes filled with self pity poured out her soul.
“You are so sick,| Ms Rachel exclaimed “Don’t you think it’s a blessing that in spite of all your sickness and age you are able to cook, clean and manage your house”?
"I have never thought about it before, yes certainly it is”, Agnes replied.
 “Your children? Have they abandoned you?” Ms Rachel continued to ask,
"Oh No not at all, “They are busy with their lives, yet they try and do their best for me all the time”.
"What about your siblings they are in their own world, I suppose”,
"No mine call me throughout the day and sometimes even at night”
 "What about friends, no one is left now over the years?
 "No, my friends have been with me from my teenage years,
 “What about finances you must be struggling now?”
"All provisions have prepared for me from before “
“What about your spouse was he a terror?
“Oh no, he was a gem of a man, he treated me like a  queen most of the time",
“What about your dreams do you regret not realizing any of them because years of being laden in bed?
"No, God enabled me to fulfill most of them.this building we are in is one of them,"she replied proudly
“Looking back on your life, Ms. Rachel, went on to say,
“You are surrounded with loving family and friends
You have been able to achieve your dreams in spite of all your many sicknesses.
You are still standing strong and living life according to your terms.
I have only one word to describe you 
You are truly abundantly blessed.”,Agnes beamed a big smile and nodded a big yes.

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