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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Arise your time has come

                  The men lay sprawled out across the field
Broken, bruised, and wounded,
Fed up from fighting a losing   battle which never seemed to end.
Suddenly massive gusts of wind blew across the field
Literally blowing them off the ground.
They had no other choice but to run to the closest trench.
Dragging themselves and their injured mates along
Suddenly in a blink of an eye, a bomb from the enemy's camp blew up the field they had just been in.
The men looked at each other amazed; if it wasn’t for the wind they would have been dead by now.
The leader amongst them jumped up and spoke with great passion,
"People, it’s truly the hand of God which saved our lives today.
If he is here amongst us here protecting us would not he also help us fight the enemy?
This verse is coming to my mind from the Holy Book
 (13) You will arise and take pity on Tziyon, Psalm 102 (CJB)
For the time has come to have mercy on her;
The time determined has come."
The men arose as one; their weariness fell to the ground,
They ran across to where the enemy camp was,
And fired at them with all they got.
Mayhem confusion sent the enemy scattering as they thought a big battalion had arrived
The men chased after them.
Blowing the horn of victory signalling their end
People came of the homes rejoicing  Once again Adonai had delivered them.

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