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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Will Never Again Be Shamed

She made her way through the crowd,
Gathered around, to board the ship to Syria.
Looking out through the window, 
The past couple of years flew across her head,
The missing ship and a father, who was lost at sea,
A war ravaged land, the nasty relatives, a host of creditors,
Living like an Orphan from a young age, the song in her heart was totally dead.
The news had come out lately the prisoners of war were soon to be released,
“I am taking my chance, Oh God, 
I trust you to keep me safe and make me successful in what I undertake”, she prayed.
The prisoners were released one by one,
Her heart  skipped a beat ,each time a name was called.
"O please let him  be alive," she begged God from the inside.
To her astonishment the last name was that of her father's,
A gasp flew out of her mouth “Dad!" she found herself crying out,
There was an eerie silence as the captain turned to look at his daughter,
He stood electrified as the image of his dead wife stood in front of him in the form of his little girl,
Who was now a beautiful young woman who looked just like her mother.
With quick steps she ran towards him
“Dad! Yes child!,"he embraced his daughter tightly.
Looking intently at her,
He started reciting slowly from the word of God, CJB Joel 2:25-26
“I will restore to you the years that the locusts ate,
The grasshoppers, shearer-worms and cutter-worms,
my great army that I sent against you.
26 You will eat until you are satisfied
and will praise the name of Adonai your God,
who has done with you such wonders.
Then my people will never again be shamed.
Holding his daughter’s hand, joyfully they made their journey home wards,Assured of getting back their days the locusts had eaten.

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