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Friday, May 30, 2014

The Dance of Zorah

Defeat could not hold them down,
Countless failings could not keep them from hanging on,
Hope swept through their souls each day,
Faith kept them plodding away,
“Wasteful cause, as your labor has so far been in vain.” people often taunted them.
 “If the vision is His, the timing is His too, we need to just hold on and wait,” they would explain.
 Life‘s troubles and pains kept them constantly on their toes,
They had no other choice but to cling to Adonai for all their woes,
Adonis answered them as he promised, 
For Adonis says, “I will spread shalom (Isaiah 66:12) CJB
Over her like a river,
And the wealth of nations
Like a flooding stream;
You will nurse and be carried in her arm
And cuddled in her lap.
Like someone comforted by his mother,
I will comfort you;
Sure enough, His abundance poured down on them.
Flooding their hearts with untold joy and thanksgiving.
They brought out their drums and tambourines,
And danced and danced and sang praises to His name!!

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