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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Young Grace cried to the Lord,
"It’s not fair, born from the same womb,
Why am I singled out as a maid in the house?
While my siblings are all in school in town"?
God answered, "My grace is sufficient for you".

 Married young to simple loving man,
She led a happy life.
Till she saw her siblings
Living in pomp and style,
In a world so different from her own.
"Why God, Why, you have given them more riches?"
"Grace," He answered, “I am there to supply your needs”.

As the years when by,
Grace fell very sick.
She looked at her healthy siblings,
And cried, "Lord, why me!”
"I am the giver of life, He replied, "you can draw your strength from me".

 She gave her kids the best she could,
She did not want them to face life like the way she did,
She sacrificed her life, all of it,
For them to stand tall with her siblings kids.

Years gone by,
The warrior stood,
Tall with all she achieved.
But fate added her twist in her life story,
By causing a dent in her memory.

"Why Lord, why,
Again it’s me, she cried!”
"Yes Grace, He replied,
"Till your old age, I am there to carry you
  Just trust in me.".

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