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Monday, October 28, 2013

Break Free

He sat through the night gently strumming his guitar,
"How offbeat the notes sounded", he thought,
Just like the way he perceived his life was going.
He tried and tried to solve the situation but the mess at home kept getting messier.
The problems never change, it just keeps adding by the day.
"Am I just going to stay this way,
With a whole lot empty dreams and  an empty heart.
Broken promises and a broken heart."?

Suddenly, he looked up and through the faint light on the window glass,
He could just about able to read the words “Break free”,
"Break free?, His mind digested the words again and again.
Hey isn’t that what the scripture says
The truth will set you free.
Here I am bound to my past, bound to my dreams,
Chained to my future, imprisoned in my memories,
I know what I need to do now,
"B R E A K FREE"!!
"Yeah these words are truly eureka to me…Break free from all the chains on me"!!!


Soliloquies BeyondFewWords said...

breaking free is never gonna be easy

Anonymous said...

Break free.... speaks to me as i hold my guitar every day and night and write songs i wondered how long i am gonna live life like this with broken dream and empty life...

Thanks Priya