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Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Will Never Leave You

Margarita and Mario were going through the albums together,
When Mario face lit up when he saw Vittorio’s pictures.
“It was such fun times mum, why did uncle Vittorio leave so suddenly?” he asked
Margarita’s face turned ash white,
She clutched her son’s face and drew him tightly to her,
“I don’t know ,son, she whispered slowly into his back,
"Why do people become part of our  lives mum, just to walk away one day," he asked  sounding a little agitated.
“I don’t know son”, she said slowly,
“Maybe they were with us for a reason or a season, I don’t know, she said very quietly
“Maybe it was to teach us something,”
“Like how it must be to be a real family?” Mario said excitedly
But seeing his mother’s sad face”, he hugged her and wept bitterly.
“Its just friends who leave, mum, Families don’t ,do they?” He questioned looking at her worriedly,
Hugging him tightly she said “I will never leave you, my son,
But families too break up and each goes their own way,"
“But”, she said quite firmly,”God will never leave us, son  
His word says I will never leave you nor forsake you,
That’s all we need son. His word, His promise,
His presence in our lives ….that’s all we need," she said
Her voice trailing... Away .in the sun

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