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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Birth of Zorah

With stinging words clinging to her like a blanket,
She quickly made her way to the fields.
It was a usual thing for her, to be taunted
 and sniggered at by others.
She was unable to produce and hence ,
She carried the social stigma of being called barren.
A man approached her and gave her the word,
She was going to bear a son and she was to raise him up as a NAZARENE.
In shock and excitement she ran and told her husband, who chided her as always,
But nevertheless, he finally, as always, believed his wife and prayed to God that he might meet the man too,
God answered his prayers, and the husband met the man,
"I pray thee, sir; tell us, when these days, which you are talking about it will come true,
And then, how may we honour you"?
“Raise an offering onto the Lord,” he said.
They did, and  the man disappeared into the flames.
“We have seen the angel of god, we will surely die,” the husband cried.
“No,” the wife said,” he is the angel of the Lord; he came to give us the word, regarding the birth of our son”.
This is the story, my dear people, of Israel’s saviour against the Philistines, the mighty, “Samson”.
Born, in an obscure village of Zorah, in Jerusalem. refer Judges Chap 13.
Likewise, the great God of Abraham, gave me a word in the year 2007,
And on Jan 13, 2013, Zorah International, my company was physically born.
For they shall not be ashamed that wait for Me.! Isaiah 49:23 KJV ,said the Lord ,
And the people said “AMEN”

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Jaishree Singh said...

Inspiring....really touches the heart!!