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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Heart Full of Thanks

It was my last night at Istanbul,
It was the end of holiday season and the beginning of the New Year.
I was anxious to kick start the year with my grand plans.
Suddenly, the most unexpected happened,
I was abducted by terrorists and captured and put in
What seemed to look like a prison cell.
I was subjected to a daily routine of mindlessly waiting
To be set free from this living hell.
Suddenly, one day a light from a torch flashed against my window
It came on briefly flickered for a minute and went away.
Everyday the mysterious light would come and go the same way.
It became my window of hope.
When I became so sick and laid up in bed,
The mysterious light would shine all day.
The days rolled into months,every day was so very frustrating
The nightmare never seemed to end.
Finally after 9 months of agony,
My embassy finally got me free. 
I was so happy  to be alive  and  be back in my country, 
Reunited with family and friends and all those who supported me,
My heartfelt thanks and praises  to God.  
For his mysterious ways of  giving me hope,
In a foreign country by an unknown hand.

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