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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Oil of Joy

Are you still hurting, dear one,
Is the cross too heavy you are called to bear?
Take heart, the Lord is giving you the Oil of Joy for your Mourning
A Garment of Praise for your Spirit of Heaviness.
This is the Year of His Favour,
The Year of His Vengeance,
For your Shame, you shall have Double
And for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion Therefore in their land they shall possess the double
Everlasting joy shall be unto them. (KJV Isaiah 61:7)
Let go of the Turmoil of Yesterday,
The Worry for your Finances and Future,
The Hurt caused by Injustice,
Brokenness caused by Disturbed Relationships,
Sicknesses among family members,
Grieving for a lost one.
The Lord is giving you Beauty for Ashes
Oil of JOY for your Mourning.
A Robe of Justice for your Shame,
Double for your Losses.
A Crown of Glory in the Land of your Trials,
He will plant you as Trees of Righteousness,
For his Splendor and Glory...
So be of Good Cheer and enjoy this New Year
Keep that of OIL of JOY burning!!!!

1 comment:

Joyce Alphonse said...

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 10:50 AM, Joyce Alphonse wrote:
Thank you for beautiful word of inspiration and encouragement from the God's living Word I'm sure as we claim the oil of joy on a daily basis it will take us from Glory to Glory and Strengh to Strengh. God Bless you dear.