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Monday, December 13, 2010

I Did Not Know

I did not know there are bosses who extract work and do not pay.
I did not know its not your ability that matter but the chemistry you share with your boss which is more important.
I did not know that sibblings who grew up together quarrel for the rest of their lives over family property and wealth.
I did not know that many people stray away from their marriages and are not even aware of the same.
I did not know that it is so easy to get into bondages and so difficult to get out of the same.
I did not know that children are the pride of the parents and its not neccesary that it's vice versa.
I did not know that it is only results that matter and nobody bothers about the efforts you put in.
I did not know that best friends are not forever, people can walk out of your life anytime they wish to without giving any reason.
I did not know that it takes the total absence of a person in your life for you to realize how you much you love them.
I did not know that life is all about making things happen rather than let things happen to you.
I did not know that feelings are not a rudder to guide one's life, paying attention to your emotions can actually ruin your life.
I did not know that simple things is all you need to be truly happy


ramana said...

its fact.

taif said...

Wow impressive Mam .. Your talent just seems to continue to blossom and I'm happy for you .. Well that's a wonderful poem .. thoughtful indeed .. Wish you all the best with your up-comings .. God bless you