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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Diary

Emma had just returned to her childhood home,
It was 25 years ago since she had left the town.
Looking through the attic she found her old diary,
The year read 1942 a year of her love story.
As she read through the pages she began to sob,
The emotions and pain of yesterday engulfed her heart.
She was dating Peter then who was a Jew,
Because of which she was humiliated too.
They put false charges and asked her to leave,
Her school, her town and her country.
Peter she knew was shot dead as was the case of all the Jews then.
With eyes red from weeping and her heart contrite with pain.
She closed her eyes and prayed to the Lord,
"O Master!  Just this once I beg of you, to let me see them all once again."!
The verse in the bible came to brain, that the good Lord would grant the desires of her heart.
She became peaceful once again.
The door bell rang
A bunch of beautiful ladies all her age threw themselves at her.
Their shapes had changed but their faces all remained the same.
"Emma, we came to know you are visiting, we are your friends from school!," they exclaimed
They laughed and chatted all the way,
So many things to catch up and say.
They reached the premises of her old beloved school,
The old majestic structure stood the same as it did 25 years ago.
It feels like I am coming "Home" Emma thought to herself again and again. 
The teachers and principal who taught her then,
Were all present to greet her once again.
They apologized for what they had done to her,
Out of their ignorance and spite please forgive us they cried.
They all hugged and cried as one.
"Thank you beloved Father", she whispered to the sky.
“For healing my wound made 25 years ago and granting my wish  
To see my beloved school mates once again!"

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Aju Antony said...

Very Sentimental