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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Touch

Alone she stood,
Life had made her stand alone, unwanted, rejected and Oh so lonely!
Suffering with a disease which branded her dirty,
Because it was written in the Holy book Leviticus chapter 15.
Whoever touches her will be considered unclean.
Unloved and untouched for twelve long years,
She was left alone rejected, ridiculed by society.
One day something happened that changed her world,
The crowd shouted the Healer will be passing by,
She was all excited she had heard so much about Him.
But someone shouted obviously she couldn’t come as she was the untouchable one!
Unable to bear further humiliation she wept to her God in total brokenness,
The last straw of hope was now gone.
What could she now do when there is nothing that could be done?
Suddenly an idea struck her why she couldn’t hold the hem of His gown,
Shrugging off the robes of self pity and despair,
She put on the armor of courage and a determination in her stride.
“I am going to receive my miracle even if it’s going to cost me my life”! She said,
The untouchable made her way squeezing her body through the masses,
She tried to reach the Healer, she fell, and crawling on her knees,
She just about managed to touch His gown.
Instantly the power left Him and healed her tired body.
When suddenly there was a silence,
She realized she was caught and had to tell everybody.
The Healer came towards her lifted her by the hand,
Love flowed into her soul and all her hurt and pain was gone.
For you see it was not just her body that was bleeding for twelve years,
Her heart was hurt from the bruises of rejection!
All it took was for her to reach out with all her strength for the THE TOUCH,
From, the Master , the Healer, JESUS was His name.


Anonymous said...

oh was totally touched by the lines.... well written .... God bless u chechi.... :) keep inspiring :)

Sharad and Jenny Kunnath said...

Very nice.