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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Those Broken Pieces

Those Broken Pieces stood,
Head rooted to the ground,
Shame, guilt, despair
Was their life now never going to turn around?
With no answers or shoulders to cry on,
They looked at the only One
Who held no barriers or filters,
And He said to the broken hearts
Come hither my son, my daughter,
You are safe in My arms!
From that day forth,
They clung on
To the Master, the Holy One,
And slowly or slowly,
Their hearts He had won.
Washed, cleansed and draped,
In the garments of His praise,
They worshiped the King of Kings
And the Lord of Lords,
Jesus was His name,
And He lifted them up from their graves,
A pit of miry clay,
And stood them up to be seen,
On the mountain tops of Zion.
He raised them up for His glory,
They were no longer broken pieces,
But beautiful angels shining in His glory!!!


Anju Wesly said...

Anju Wesly
well written ....

Melson Alexander said...

hi this is most lively story of me

Slick G said...

Story of my life.Am so touched.Speechless too..

Godwin Mwaipaya said...

Story of my life.Am so touched.Speechless too.Thanks Riya