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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unless the Lord

Unless the lord builds the house we labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city, it is never really safe.
Unless the Lord lifts your head and gives you glory, your struggles will never end.
Unless the Lord fights your battles, your efforts are meaningless.
Unless the Lord opens the doors of opportunities, you will be grazing at the same pastures all your life.
Unless the Lord gives you divine connections, you would never ever meet the people, who would shape your destiny.
Unless the Lord makes you rich, you can never be truly wealthy.
Unless the Lord shines his light on you, you will never, really have favor in the eyes of men.
Unless the Lord gives you health, your life, will never be long or satisfactory
Unless the Lord blesses the works of your hand, you can never complete the work, assigned to you with grace.
Unless the Lord shows you the way, you can get lost in the mammoth of daily choices.
Unless the Lord protects you, you will be open to the darts thrown by your enemies.
Unless the Lord covers you with his tender love and mercies, you will never really feel content and happy.
Unless the Lord is by your side, you may not have the confidence to face your tomorrows.
Unless the Lord speaks and guides your every decision, don’t say or do anything!

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