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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Glory and Beauty

When God set Job free from his Sickness and Afflictions
From his Bondages and Despair
He asked Him to Stand Up like a Man
And Deck Himself with Majesty and Excellency
And Array Himself with Glory and Beauty {Job 39:9-10}
With His Sores still Sore and with Trembling Hands
He Bid to Follow the Lords Commands
And lo Behold His Woes Were Gone
His friends Who Taunted Him Now came to Toe the Line
Glory and Majesty and Riches Had He
Beauty and Daughters and Lands A Plenty
For the Lord had Blessed Him Double for All His Trouble
I pray my Brother/ Sister will he not do the same for Thee!

1 comment:

MELSON said...

Hi Pri.. "Glory and Beauty" gives me a different picture in mind. I love this story. "One day satan the accuser of the bretheren had to present himself before God,to accuse God's children.He had a portfolio of all their sins, blunders, mistakes name it he had it with details so he began to accuse them.Just then Jesus their advocate looked at the Father and said "Father all these people whenever they fell and confessed their sins and repented I have covered them with my Blood". Infact Father I took all of them and gave all of Me to them. Now father this is my plea... Then Father looked at His Son's innocent blood and Said very clearly with His awesome voice "CASE DISMISSED" and he exchanged their rotteness for HIS GLORY & BEAUTY.-No matter how far the devil takes everything from you maybe your dreams, your desires , your health , finances , your family , your ministry , your spouse , your children ,your properties , name whatever LUCIFER has taken will be restored in due season.It's not because of us because of JESUS CHRIST.WARRIOR FOR CHRIST -MEL