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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Battle Belongs to the Lord!

Are you in a battle?
Facing the enemy everyday
Your efforts seems so puny
And the enemy seems to be getting larger by the day.
You are holding on to your courage,
You are holding on to your faith,
The duration seems endless,
Your battle seems so pointless.
A million doubts rise within you,
Can I make it to the finish line?
And a voice within you claims
The battle is not yours its mine!
Try as hard as you can,
On your own strength you won’t go far,
Lean on me and I will make you
Wear the victor’s crown.
Because you need to understand
That the battle belongs to the Lord!


Shirley Osei-Mensah said...

Okay, I surrender. God. I surrender!!

I'm no more going to use my strength, Priya. I'm going to stop trying. I'm going to let him. Like I told you on Facebook. I know He's doing this. So I got to stop and let Him. That's the way to go now.

Very great message, Priya. Thanks for letting God use you to send this message to us all who it was intended for :). God bless you :).

Melson said...

Hi Pri.... some time all head knowledge and Theology and all our experiences comes to point where we cannot go further... My battle is on and i feel the same as you have shared..... fear,doubt, unbelief ... stands like close neighbor.. Wish i had wings to fly to the sky...