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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Desert Man

Yusuf had only one aim 
A burning desire
To give his people a better life in the blazing desert
One day when he went looking for pearls in the deep sea 
He met the white man who had arrived in the big boat.
The man parted goodbye by giving him the book of life
Yusuf spent days studying it in his tent
He came across this verse
I will open up rivers on the barren hills and wells down in the broad valleys. I will turn the desert into a lake and dry ground into springs.
He meditated upon those words day and night
“Lord if what you say is true show me how to turn this desert into springs of water”.he prayed day and night.
He kept having dreams to dig deep into the scotching sand
Bearing the ridicule of the community he kept digging
His hard work found bitumen rocks lacing the entire region beneath the sand
Something told him to keep digging way below the rocks 
After a month of digging his hands struck fresh flowing water beneath the rocks 
The joy of the community knew no bounds as they reached out to help him draw the water out
In the midst of the celebration he had a visitor 
It was none other than his friend from the boat
Who spoke to him in great excitement.
They had discovered oil in the depths of the ocean
His gleaming eyes looked searchingly till it rested on the book.Since then he never stopped reading, believing, building....the city rocks on...
In all splendour and glitter all because one man believed there is power in the book of life.

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