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Thursday, February 27, 2014

All My Mountains Into Roads

Isabelle looked about her
“Oh!   Yet another mountain”, she cried
“Why is that when I set out to do anything?
There is always a mountain standing large in front of me.”
“Yes child,” Grandfather answered her “It’s always the mountain within which needs conquering first.
You need faith child, believe Adonai for his words,
That he will turn all our mountains into roads. Isaiah 49:11-12 CJB.”
“There is a saying which says mountains cannot be surmounted except by winding paths.
 We need to find the path. “He continued.
“Look, “Isabelle cried, “Tonight our soldiers are expected to return from the sea.
Somebody needs to put the light on at the light house it’s got to me.”
“It’s too dangerous, Grandfather said, the rocks there are too steep,
But Isabella did not listen on her way she went,
She reached by dusk and pushed the door,
The next thing she knew she was on the floor.
An iron beam from the ceiling had come out loose
And struck her head and across the eyes the metal flew.
Blinded with pain and with her vision impaired,
She felt darkness around her and she screamed in despair.
Her dreams, her future seem to fade away into the black night as she turned to.
 Adononai, and cried with all her might.
"Help me; find the way, to make it to the top,
 The men out at sea are depending on me.”, she sobbed.
By the light from the light house .The men reached safely.
Isabelle the girl was nowhere to be seen.
The young soldier Joshua, pale like a ghost, ran like the wind
With his heart beating wildly prayed from within.
"Lord please save her, the thought of losing her makes me realize how much I love her".
He found the unconscious girl and brought her down.
Temperature, bandanges and a swollen head,
It took her a week to see again.
Grateful and thankful to the almighty
 “She smiled happily to see them all again.
Not only did you conquer a mountain, “Grandfather whispered into her ear. “One of  your dream is coming true, did you know!”
“Joshua the young soldier whom you always loved from before just announced to all of us that he wants to marry you.”
The young girl blushed and looked to the sky and said these words to Adonai.
“Not only did you save me and help me cross my  mountain but you have given him to me whose bride I always wanted to be”.
"Thank you Adonai!". 

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