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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Cross

A burdened young lady
To tired to walk,
With a load on her head,
And one on her back.
The pain in her heart which never subsided,
 She was both widowed and orphaned. 
Made her way through the hilly region completely lost
Till she found herself in a quite grove with the cross of God.
She came near and found in bold letters the words which read
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Mathew 11.28 NIV
Strange she said those are the very words I need.
Tired, she dozed off to sleep.
Oh! How beautiful were her dreams,
Thinking of yester year,
Of parents, home, husband and laughter.
Now she was left alone to fend for herself and the children.
She found her way back home in the dark
And lo to her surprise, the children were jumping with laughter. 
Their father who had vanished was home and back.
Shocked with surprise ,
It was so unbelievable.
The love of her life was sobbing forgiveness!
Lost in glee with the sudden turn of events 
When in came a messenger and asked her to hurry!
Her rich father who was old  and on his deathbed,
Wanted to made amends before he left for the dead,
Hugging her and begging forgiveness.
Gave her his home and all his earthly possessions.
She was so overwhelmed and couldn’t comprehend,
The miracles which was happening to her this evening.
And then it came back to her,
The words on the cross,
With tears in her eyes,
She said a silent prayer.
If I had only known for all these many years.
I wouldn’t have carried my burdens alone,
And to the night sky,
She gently whispered.
Thank you Jesus, you are the best!

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