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Saturday, April 2, 2011


She felt betrayed,
She felt unloved,
She felt lost,
She felt wounded.
"I am doomed for eternity", she thought
With no hope for tomorrow she clung to the walls of her little pit.
Her frustration grew with each passing day
Till one day she yelled ,I have had enough I'm going to quit.
She looked for a way out,
She found a little note which read,
Let go of the past and all the disasters it brought,
Reach for the stars and give yourself another chance,
Without turning back,
She pulled herself out, inch by inch out of the pit,
To a new life and a brand new start

1 comment:

Patricia Das said...

Really Priya, if miracles are happening its because I just let go of things and asked GOD to run my life for me, I was too worn out to do it. I thought I can do everything on my own, but that’s not the way it is. And more so ask for wisdom and peace, just these two things can work miracles. I can stand as testimony for this anywhere anytime.

Its your blog that keeps most of us realize and understand life, you too put your preaching into practice, you will just see things happening.

I remember a preacher saying that you demand what you want from GOD like the child demands from its parents… works Priya, take my words…..i have been there, done it….